Trump should have said, in his speech in Alabama:

“I would like to thank those NFL players who show such admiration and reverence for our great country by bending down on a knee during the playing of our national anthem.  Thank you for exhibiting such patriotism, thank you for acknowledging the great sacrifice of our soldiers over the years, thank you for setting such a good example for our children.   More Americans should be on their knees thanking God for all He has done for our great country.  God bless the NFL players!

Obviously, he’d have made his point and oh, brother, would it have ticked off the NFL players and the media!    THIS, I’d love to have seen!




16 thoughts on “FOR EXAMPLE, FOLKS!:”

  1. Donno ’bout all that. DJT is redefining PotUS comms with the hoi polloi. Reagan talked tough, made jokes about people, and got heavy flak for it. Worked, tho, purty much.

    For the past 25 years, tho, our PotUSes have handled the Kim dynasty with patience, assistance, tolerance, nonchalance, acquiescence, and ignorance.

    Clinton warned, but didn’t back himself up. Even gave ’em nuke material and technology.
    Bush tried diplomacy, reason, statesmanship. Got the Bronx salute.
    Soetoro apologized for our rudeness and said, “Cool it, Bro . . . don’t be all uptight!”
    Trump speaks a language the Nork Dork fully understands: “Hey, you do that again and I’m gonna detach and hand you some very sensitive features of your anatomy.” (Translated from the Brooklynese)

    I’d like to see a little more maturity in SOME of his blurbs, but let’s put it this way: anything which disturbs and frustrates leftistas is very likely a GOOD thing. IOW, if it ticks off SanFranNan, MaxiPad Waters, Chuck the Schmuck, and that herd of RINOs in Congress, damn the disapproval, Mr. President: full snark ahead.


  2. Bocopro..I’ve heard comparisons of Reagan’s toughness to Trump’s stuff and it stops me in my tracks. If Reagan was anything ALL the time, it was presidential. If Trump is anything MOST of the time, it’s not that.
    I don’t mind disapproval….that’s good, nobody expects to be agreed with all the time!!

    I just don’t know how to get this across, and I’ve tried and almost everyone just doesn’t see my point; one can be JUST AS TOUGH and not say things that detract from WHAT was said…the media and others enjoying slamming the method so they can ignore the point.

    People disapproved of Reagan, too…..not many were able to insult him for anything he said, or the way he said it. THAT is effectiveness.


  3. You don’t think that the media would mock and make fun of him for not knowing that it was a protest? You don’t think Jimmy Kimmel would say, “Trump is so stupid, he thinks that Collin Kaepernick is respecting the flag…”?


  4. I think multiple tweets and mentioning in a speech is a bit much. Say it once, but I don’t mind it pointed out that these are million dollar babies very confused about race issues. The losers Are going full steam ahead (something we didn’t have in Reagan’s day) and I think it needs countered. It’s already way out of control.

    Just read an article about the black dude from the Sudan (Came here at 5 but still) and shot up 7 or 8 people at a church, and they’re already calling him a gentle giant (he’s 6.5) Stop with the gentle giant !


  5. FJ…no way. If they didn’t figure he was being sarcastic, they’d look worse than they could ever make him look. This was in a SPEECH, even Trump can figure out how to spin the sarcasm thing…waiting for laughs, etc. I do wish they’d say something like you said “he thinks that Collin Kaepernick is respecting the flag…”?” because Kaepernick’s line is he’s NOT disrespecting the flag, it’s because he loves America he feels the need to do this….but he’s so clearly not respecting the flag.

    Kid “gentle giant”? Ya, it definitely needs to be countered…with dignity.

    Something’s apparently wrong with my time on your comments because they’re wrong! UGH.


  6. Kid, I’ll check it out…I’m sure it does.

    Re FOOTBALL, I’m most ashamed of Tony Dungy than ANY of the idiot NFL players……He’s a great man and is siding with the kneelers. I’m astonished. Absolutely gutted.


  7. not sure we can use the term ‘spade’ anymore…everybody’s so touchy. And yes, that verbage on your video would work for me, too….Trump could have said that, tho he did allude to soldiers fighting and these guys disrespecting them.


  8. Z,
    “Trump should have said, in his speech in Alabama:”
    MONDAY MORNING QUATERBACKING? No, I’m just kidding. As you know, I support Trump, at least philosophically, but he frequently blows-it verbally. Yes, he missed a good opportunity by not putting it as you have suggested.


  9. FJ, great point about the Tim Tebow situation…not okay to bow to God but to bow against our anthem is JUST FINE, according to NFLers.

    I JUST LEARNED SOMETHING I WANTED TO SHARE: I have heard of Black family members who do not feel that taking a knee when the national anthem is played is appropriate..protest, yes, if need be, but not this…..I totally agree, and only post this because we need to know the Black community is not lockstep with the players on this.

    Baysider. I think you’re right, but sadly FJ is right, isn’t he.

    JMB, thanks so much.



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