Good TOWELS?…can hubris work?

I know Mr. Trump LOVES hubris, and every family who’s lost a family member or a home is “a GREAT family” (What?) and every hurricane is the BIGGEST in history,  and every group is ‘thousands and thousands’, etc….but GOOD TOWELS?  They’re PAPER TOWELS, how “GOOD” CAN THEY BE??

“They had these beautiful, soft towels. Very good towels,” Trump said. “And I came in, and there was a crowd of a lot of people. And they were screaming, and they were loving everything. I was having fun. They were having fun. They said, ‘Throw ‘em to me! Throw ‘em to me, Mr. President!’”


I post this only because he set himself up again….for criticism.  AND, mostly, I post this because it shows his personality, which isn’t such a bad thing……




14 thoughts on “Good TOWELS?…can hubris work?”

  1. Jersey Jack can bear me out on this but in Southern New York and Northern New Jersey tossing someone a roll of paper towel is practically an act of intimacy. It is an expression of love that is enjoyed by the tosser and the tossee. If a man tosses it to woman, they both feel somehow magically content and somewhat euphoric and if a man throws to a man, then it’s like a ‘Hey, I love you man’ kinda thing, nothing intimate at all actually.


    1. Damn straight bubba. I used to keep a roll of them on under my seat for my dates or GF’s when we were crusing aimlessly up and down the Main Street with my top down …. winter or summer. If she waved at the wrong person or a guy …. whammo….. out came da paper tiwell roll for a little live tap to the back if the head . It was a guys way of showing affection to the babes, ya know. That and a dr. Pepper and a slice later if I really wanted to impress her. I reserved the hickory bat for the wise guys and those that put a ding in my car when I parked it. Especially if I was in it and makin out wit my babe and the clod hit my car wit his door. Whammo…. out came that bat for putting a bust on his headlights or tail light. Of course I waited till he went into the store or a walk wit his babe …. then I was all action and took off in s hurry before he came back to his car….


      1. That’s it Jack. Nothing better than seducing your woman with a roll of Good Quality paper towel soft and multi-layered. It was like hypnotism. And yes, you cannnot let them focus on some other dude for even a second. She has to stay with the guy that brought the quality paper or she might just get ejected. I never had that problem. My girls were always doey eyed and pliable and I treated them right.


  2. Kid, are you kidding me? There’s some TOWEL thing ?

    Here’s the deal…when people are hurting, THROWING SOMETHING AT THEM is not the classiest thing to do, BUT….BUT…Trump says THEY said “Throw it to me, Mr. President!” So the press jumped on how RUDE it is to THROW stuff to people…
    HE wasn’t wrong. THEY are.
    I just had to laugh at his complimenting THE TOWELS! GAD


    1. Z, Oh yea. A couple of my first girlfriends and I met this way.

      PS – The Media also adjusted the volume of the crowd cheering when Trump came into that Puerrrrto Rico venue. I hate the media so much, it is hard to thinik I could hate themmore, but I know I will.


  3. Is there a reason I get every one of your comments in my email and have to approve them!~? You’re not the only one. I’ve got to check this out!
    Ya, ya…you met girlfriends throwing paper towels at them. An East Coast custom :-)!!!


  4. Humility is knowing your place in the scheme of things. Trump knows his place in the scheme of things. And he knows he’s at the center. And he doesn’t ignore that he’s at the center or pretend that he isn’t. And I think he likes to share with people what it’s like to be at the center. It’s kind of an openness and candor.


      1. but I do agree that I think he likes others to come close to feeling what it’s like….I actually think he has a big heart, which I see every once in a while in a terrific smile, or a touch of a cheek to an armless soldier…but his ego is bigger than it all, sadly. Or he’d never respond so often to cheap, stupid provocations, etc.


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