Nobody cares about Harvey Weinstein…

But Trump had to weigh in, prompted by a reporter’s question, of course.  Honestly, why would any reporter ask a president about what he thinks of a celebrity sex scandal unless that reporter was pretty sure she’d get a story?   And she did.

“I’ve known Harvey Weinstein for a long time,” Trump told reporters outside the White House, as seen in a video posted online by CNN Saturday. “I’m not at all surprised to see it.”

Obviously, the reporter had to ask in response to him: “I asked him how that was different from Access Hollywood tape?”

TRUMP COULD HAVE SAID INSTEAD:  “America has big problems, let’s not waste our time with questions like that.”   And, if Access Hollywood tapes were mentioned, he could have said “REALLY?  Got anything more important than that today?”   OR  “So, that was a set-up questions?  AH, I’ve got it now.  Have a nice day.”

BUT, he had to weigh in on HARVEY WEINSTEIN.   STOP, Mr. President.  Just STOP.



9 thoughts on “Nobody cares about Harvey Weinstein…”

    1. Harvey Weinstein political donations:

      Donations $894,373
      Bundler money $1,422,683
      Total $2, 317, 056

      DNC #305,149
      Dem Senatorial Campaign Committee $193,392
      Obama $45,800
      Hillary $26,832
      Kerry $28,000
      Dodd $36,000
      Al Franken $20,000
      Cory Booker $17,000
      Schumer $14,200



      1. Yes, I’d heard all about that..he’s definitely a BIG Dem supporter. SO WHAT? He’s not a president, he’s a shlub with a lot of money and no class. Trump should have let OTHERS fall into that reporter’s trap. But, alas…as always..

        NOW it’s “leaked” that he discussed Tillerson with Kissinger..and Corker,….why? And he is now suggesting he’s SMARTER THAN TILLERSON…what the heck? SHUT UP, MR. TRUMP…no disrespect intended, but BE A MAN.


  1. @Z

    You don’t find it “curious” that he gets no criticism from Democrats? What you seem to miss is that Republicans politicians and donors ALWAYS get criticism from both the MSM and Fox News, but while Fox News had been denouncing Harvey Weinstein’s sexual dalliances for many years, there was not a “peep” of confirmation from either Democrats or the MSM (the “cloak of Gyges” in action). I find it refreshing that Trumps “comments” and Tweets often make it impossible for the MSM to ignore “the other side of the story” (ala Charlottesville/ANTIFA)


  2. Vrag…you’re kidding, right? I said TRUMP SHOULDN’T WEIGH IN…of course Democrats should!
    Trump is ‘refreshing’ for WHAT? And why?
    It’s not our president’s work to weigh in on sex scandals…it’s the media’s work. Only Conservative media has about Weinstein and so Trump should? This hasn’t forced the leftwing media to admit anything…they were by now, anyway, as you know…no, it only gave the leftwing media a chance to veer from Weinstein and laugh at Trump, reminding him of his horrible Access Hollywood tape.

    Now Trump only looks as guilty having been friendly with a sex creep all these years….If he’s “…known Weinstein for a long time…” And it “doesn’t surprise me..” then he KNEW. And he stayed friendly?
    Nice, Donald.


  3. You’re right…. he really does need to STFU! As we say in Jersey!
    Secondly the fact that the shit stained media has the poor manners, taste and utter contempt for the Office of the Presidency clearly demonstrates how far down the rabbit hole they’ve descended to. Nothing more than dirty super market tabloids and purveyors of porn. There isn’t one thing today that they say or do that can be believed or trusted for not even 10% of their content. Everyone of the major alphabets are sick and twisted with their hate. If I were he…. I’d say nothing to them… nothing. Let Sarah Huckabee deal with them. She’s doing a good job and telling them to Es&D rather nicely.


  4. Jersey Jack, you just wait till my Geeez post tomorrow…..even I was surprised at the length the media went on totally misconstruing something said Monday by a Republican, and it takes a lot to shock me anymore about the leftwing lies, etc.
    I am not sure Sarah’s doing the best job, but she’s doing as well as anyone could, I guess. That is a job I’d NEVER EVER WANT for ANY president! I’d tell the staff at the WH, “Please do NOT tell me anything you don’t want made public because I don’t want to slip something to the press! What I don’t know, can’t be said!”
    And ya, they are TOTALLY sick with hate.
    Honestly, I know you all are allergic to CNN, but ANY FREAKIN’ MINUTE OF THE DAY, whatever important news story’s happening, you can go to CNN and all they’re doing is having a REALLY nasty leftwing panel on ANYTHING TRUMP…not the news of the day, but twisting any negative story to their side. It’s almost comic relief to me these days.


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