Trump again; “Gee, they aren’t thanking me enough!” How professional. (sarc)

Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail!

Z:  I am starting to realize this man is slightly insane.   He could actually have been a good president had he never started this awful display of his deepest feelings, something most presidents understand must be dampened because they’re THE PRESIDENT.   He’s so thin skinned that he has to suggest he should have left them in jail because they didn’t scream from the rafters with glee?  Or whatever else they could have done?   Does he not understand many Black Americans aren’t fond of any Republican let alone HIM with the ridiculous ‘racist’ claims unfairly made against him?
Here’s what he could have said:
“Very said to hear that saving the basketball players from 10 years in a Chinese prison hasn’t been much appreciated.  I did my best, I got them out, I’m happy to have saved Americans from such an awful fate.  I’d recommend they understand that this country does its best for all its citizens….I’d recommend they get on their knees and thank God they’re back in America.”
For Trump to keep showing his impossibly conceited, yet thin skinned, personality is stupid and dangerous for him and for the Republican party……I don’t know what it’ll take for him to grow up.  It’s like he feels needy when he was elected president!  What more accolade can a man get?  This is as stupid as the Obamas pleading racism when they were elected to the presidency!
My God.

28 thoughts on “Trump again; “Gee, they aren’t thanking me enough!” How professional. (sarc)”

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  2. I agree on this one Z ! Nothing to gain. In fact I don’t think he should have said anything at all. Even the first time with the “I wonder if they’ll thank me.” Anyone who needs to understand that many blacks in this country have a different culture already know about it.

    “obama has poisend many blacks of ever appreciating America”. Now that tweet might be worthwhile. and add “We have a former first lady who spent a billion on travel, living an incredibly splenderous life for 8 years and now can’t do anything but complain about how difficult it was.” Followed by something like “We want All Americans to live happy productive lives. And we are coming up with programs such as trade and/or educational programs for those who are dependent on the government for the food they need regardless of race.”


    1. Hey, get your OWN TRUMP BLOG! (smile)…that’s an EXCELLENT “Trump Could Have Tweeted,” Kid…well done!
      I totally agree on all you wrote.
      Kid, why do you think he persists? I honestly thought today that maybe it’s to get people off what’s really going on? But what’s really going on is pretty good for Trump…IF ONLY HE’D STOP TWEETING!

      I think his tweeting is coloring peoples’ opinions of him….I really do. Because you can’t really find too terribly much BAD about his record to date, you know?


  3. There you go again, Z. “He coulda said….”. But then he wouldn’t be Trump, would he? Besides, had he done nothing and just left them there, can’t you just hear how the left would’ve criticized him for that? He can’t win, no matter what he does, so he may as well have fun tweeting and saying this stuff ’cause it aggravates the heck out of them.

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  4. Here’s my read Z… Trump sat back a long time watching America being destroyed by the left – and the right through thier inaction at the very least. And the rest of the world eating us alive – through leftist policies. He wa a young guy on Oprah saying the same things he is saying now.

    He finally had enough. He is royally pissed that America was turned into the 3rd world country it was with the obama’s in the white house. There is no where for him to go to escape it if he even entertained such thoughts. So in order for he and family and friends to enjoy America again, he must fix it. He doesn’t need money and the decision to put himself and his family through the meat grinder that the media has become had to be a tough decision. Why would he and they do that. They’ll be pounded on for the rest of thier lives now. That they are willing to put themselves through this is indicative of their love for the country.

    The tweets put a lot of people off I’m sure, but in the end, they will decide after 4 years and 8 years if America is a better place or not. I think the answer will be yes and the tweets will be long forgotten just like the locker room talk was a pfffffftt – just locker room talk.

    In the final though, hammering on blacks, even though they deserve it is divisive. We don’t need more of that but I wonder if anything will matter in regard to many of those folks. I’m sure there are black people that supported that tweet too as they don’t want to be painted with the ‘shoplifting is Ok’ brush.


  5. It appears nobody will ever realize how painfully damaging these Tweets are.

    “there you go again?” this blog here is dedicated to “He could have…”
    Yes, he’s doing some good for our country, but all most people ever hear are slams about his stupid tweets….get the point now?

    AOW…I’d hate to read those comments…..if it were me commenting, I’d have said “Man, can’t you just stop begging for thanks and attention?”

    KID….I totally get all that.

    Now, Mr. Trump, never have I asked you to stop Tweeting OR stop telling the truth, but PLEASE STOP the thin skinned, silly, painfully childish tweets…….they’re COMPLETELY outweighing the good you’re doing.
    What WOULD the media have to slam you about if you’d just SHUT UP with the kind of tweets you do? GET IT, MR> TRUMP?


  6. Something just came to me; I saw a commercial for some music awards and thought “And they’re going to slam Trump as the night proceeds…like even the Country Western Awards did…” (which is unusual with C&W fans being mostly Republican).
    SO, I thought “they have zero respect for the president…” and then I thought “How do you have respect for the person if you read childish tweets, hear him speak without knowing all the facts, calling people names like Al Frankenstein… etc ETC etc..”
    HOpefully, this will help all of you see my point. A president’s OFFICE should always have respect… The man? Not so sure….so many things he says are so childish..
    Were he just DOING HIS JOB, I doubt people could be so personal in their attacks…but HE is so VERY personal in HIS attacks…..hopefully, this best explains my point.


  7. “It appears nobody will ever realize how painfully damaging these Tweets are.”
    If nobody realizes it, maybe they aren’t.

    UCLA basketball players thank Trump, apologize for actions in China

    Those kids may never have learned to say thank you had it not been for Trump’s tweet.
    Given the father of one of them’s latest comment, you can see why.
    He think Trump is owed no gratitude.


  8. Ed, you clearly don’t read and hear the news I hear…and while you’ve indicated you avoid leftwing news, we need to realize most people hear and digest it, wrong or right. And please, let’s not argue this again….I think it’s important and you don’t.
    Yes, I saw the basketball players when they were talking …live on Television….the perfunctorily thanked Trump, not at all as much as most people would…and I believe every one of them said “Mr. Trump and our government”…they clearly were not going to give Trump the credit he deserved…but adults suck it up and usually don’t say “Hey, that wasn’t thankful enough! I should undo my good deed”.
    And yes, the father was the catalyst to Trump’s tweet….he was furious at the father.

    Tired of arguing a point that most people are clear on: Trump’s tweets are damaging to him, the presidency, and Conservatives…….makes everyone look bad.
    That some of you don’t see it stuns me, but ….hopefully, everybody else is wrong, and most Americans are good enough thinkers to put aside the news media……….Sadly, the polls are showing he’s losing even his base now, and I believe this is a big part of it.


  9. Ed,……….. I’m torn. Why not call out someone who says “shoplifting ain’t no big deal”.

    Actually it is a big deal, especially in communist countries, and I suspect a bunch of people need to hear that. Maybe I’ve fallen out of Z’s favor once again 🙂


    1. Kid! SERIOUSLY? You don’t think I believe he SHOULD call out shoplifters?
      Man, how many times must I say IT’S NOT WHAT HE SAYS, IT’S HOW HE SAYS IT!? That’s what this blog is ABOUT!

      I AGREE WITH HIM MOST OF THE TIME, but he says things in such churlish, self-aggrandizing, nasty ways that the message is LOST because the leftwing media can’t WAIT to mischaracterize and he hands it to them on a freakin’ SILVER PLATTER with the WAY HE SAYS THINGS…not WHAT HE SAYS.

      How the heck could the media disagree with what I wrote above (in red, the better tweet, in my opinion…substitute ‘sad’ for ‘said’, by the way)…. Even if he’d said “One of these kids was raised by a man who says shoplifting isn’t a big deal…maybe that’s why we’ve got problems in this country?” HIT HARD, just say it well… could the media disagree with THAT? And, yes, you’ll all tell me “They’ll disagree no matter how he says it…”

      Maybe, and they’d look REAL STUPID for trying.


  10. Z, Once again, I really don’t pay much attention to what he says, only what actions are taken or not taken.

    I think it’s comical how he has the media pounding on their keyboards over every little thing. In 2020, it is going to be Gee, do I vote for Biden the pedophile, Sanders the progressive socialist extreme, or the Great Tweeter. Hmmm.

    It’s the economy, the tax cuts, the wall, the deportation of illegal aliens, especially criminals, the rebuilding of our military and courts, and hundreds of other things. He will get re-elected regardless what he tweets. And he needs to keep it up because he is the only one telling us what’s going on.


    1. PS, I think it was a waste of time to bother wiht the shoplifter comments. Just say my good friend XI agreed to cut these kids a break instead of putting them in jail for 5-10 years. The ones who get it will notice no apology or thank you and the ones who don’t still don’t get it.


  11. OK..I give up. If you truly believe Trump’s tweets are “telling us what’s going on’ and I think that’s true…but if you think the benefit of HOW HE TELLS it helps at all, we’ll never see eye to eye, and that’s okay! 🙂

    I thought what I wrote for Trump to have tweeted about the UCLA players was pretty good.


  12. Nope I don’t focus at all on the how. I think he has improved sufficiently enough since the Megyn Kelly war during the primaries few care. Picture the next election is any viable Trump voter going to bring up that 2017 set of tweets about the UCLA players? As with all election they’re going to be talking about what Trump accomplished, what’s on the agenda for the next 4 years, the babbling of Biden, ad the hatefilled socialist rants of Bernie. Or worse the beast will take another shot – Not worse for Trump though. He will easily beat her again and by much more.

    All your recommended tweets are good. 🙂


  13. Ed, Perfect. It IS a different world (There it is in a nutshell). It IS A different World! Start at 4:15 for this concept.

    Some of this was hilarious, especially the part where the libtards are screaming at the sky. LOL. Imagine a president telling us what he is thinking and feeling versus some half black Teleprompter Jesus reading something some 22 year old gay (male or female or othe) tranny wrote for him to say. I love it. I absolutely Love It even though Z hates it. Sorry Z ! 🙂

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  14. I will not stop saying this becaUse I find it important ….that none of you gets my points, is probably my fault but you might go back and find where I have ever said Trump shouldn’t tweet……even snarky tweets. No, never have. Ever.

    And, I could again say how they could get the same message across and not turn off everyone who despises his tweets….At least 100 times, I’ve said “Be hard hitting, be accurate (Please be accurate, that shouldn’t be too hard), even be nasty, but write them less from his poor perception of his ego getting hit….not like a 8 yr old fat little schoolyard bully whose feelings got hurt but like an adult who’s ticked off and let’s them have it …with dignity, and TOUGHNESS. Reagan did it nearly ever day. He could be so direct and tough and he had the media’s heads spinning because they had to address his POINT instead of addressing his childish content.

    Not sure what’s tough about that to understand, but please…let’s not misquote me!!


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